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Just uploaded new version with a new chapter added on flowcharting and pseudocode. Have also added a couple of flow charts later in the book. Will be adding more as I revisit chapters.

Was thinking about a couple of new chapters to go at the and and was hoping for some input.

Proposed chapter X: Elementary data structures (stack and queue) implemented on top of arrays and sorting (using bubble and insertion sorts). I can see this chapter as an introduction to CS101 topics at a level for the advanced users of this book can use. It would include flowcharts, pseudocode, sample programs, and re-usable gosubs.

Proposed chapter X': Graphics ^ 2: BASIC-256 has several graphics statements that have not been covered in the book. GETSLICE/PUTSLICE allow us to copy sections of the screen to a string variable and then paste them back later. These with the IMGLOAD statement (added today) will allow for more advanced animation and game control. Also the WAVPLAY and WAVSTOP commands for asynchronous sound playback would be explored.

What do you all think?
Jim -

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