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BASIC-256 Home Page

Book Files from the First edition - 2010

Below you will find the BASIC-256 code from the chapters of the book.

Chapter 1: Meeting BASIC-256 – Say Hello.

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Chapter 2: Drawing Basic Shapes.

Chapter 3: Sound and Music.

Chapter 4: Thinking Like a Programmer.

Chapter 5: Your Program Asks for Advice

Chapter 6: Decisions, Decisions, Decisions

Chapter 7: Looping and Counting - Do it Again and Again

Chapter 8: Custom Graphics – Creating Your Own Shapes

Chapter 9: Subroutines – Reusing Code

Chapter 10: Mouse Control – Moving Things Around

Chapter 11: Keyboard Control – Using the Keyboard to Do Things

Chapter 12: Images, WAVs, and Sprites

Chapter 13: Arrays – Collections of Information

Chapter 14: Mathematics – More Fun With Numbers

Chapter 15: Working with Strings

Chapter 16: Files – Storing Information For Later.

Chapter 17: Stacks, Queues, Lists, and Sorting

Chapter 18: Runtime Error Trapping

Chapter 19: Database Programming

Chapter 20: Connecting with a Network

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